Perfectly qualified staff and a specialized research laboratory, which complements the modern machine park, allow us to offer our customers services in the following areas: 3D printing and scanning, geometry measurements, rupture force measurements, strength of materials, environmental tests, such as for aging. Our research services have already benefited companies in the manufacturing, armaments, automotive and food industries.

3D Technologies

3DGence Industry F340 3D Printer
Industrial 3D printer working with FFF (FDM) technology


    • Working space 260 x 300 x 340 mm
    • 2 printheads
    • Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
    • Building materials ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, PP
    • HIPS, BVOH support materials



    • Support to the production and maintenance department
    • Capacity to manufacture own spare parts
    • Manufacture of prototypes and finished parts
    • Manufacture of gauges and assembly aids


Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer
3D printer working with SLA technology (which involves curing photopolymers using a laser beam)


    • Working space 145 x 145 x 175 mm
    • layer height from 25 microns, laser spot diameter: 140 microns
      – possibility of very accurate representation of the shape of the model
    • A wide range of materials, including, for example, ones with higher mechanical strength, higher temperature resistance, flexible



    • Support to the production and maintenance department
    • Capacity to manufacture own spare parts
    • Manufacture of prototypes and finished parts
    • Manufacture of gauges and assembly aids

3D Technologies Cronos 3D Dual Scanner
Dual-band white light scanner to create digital models of real objects


    • Working space 145 x 145 x 175 mm
    • Measurement accuracy (VDI/VDE2634) < < 0.03 mm
    • Texture acquisition capability



    • Scanning of components, pieces of equipment for use in designing mating components




    • Autodesk Ultimate Design Suite
      • AutoCAD
      • Inventor
      • Fusion 360
      • 3DS Max
    • Cinema 4D
    • Adobe Creative Cloud



Devices designed for the label industry

Zehntner ZAA 2600.C Scratch Resistance Tester
Dry or wet linear friction tester


    • Modular design – ability to quickly adapt to a specific task
    • Configurable: pitch, speed, load, number of steps
    • Capacity to run up to 4 tests simultaneously
    • Compliance with standards, among others: ASTM D6279, DIN55654, ISO-X12, BMW AA-0134, Volkswagen PV 3906, Volkswagen TL 226
Zehntner kopia

TMI 10-20 Scratch Resistance Tester


    • Performs friction tests in accordance with FTM 27 and several ASTM standards
    • Configurable: load, speed, number of steps

ChemInstruments DS-1000 Dynamic Shear Tester
The device is used for testing the dynamic shear force of adhesive material in the direction parallel to the test surface


    • Compliance with the FINAT FTM18 standard
    • Ability to define speed, size of the test section

Tester for testing adhesion to a silicone layer
ChemInstruments HSR-2000

The device is used for testing the adhesion strength of the adhesive layer to the silicone paper at high peel speed (comparable to the use in a label application device). It allows to determine the behavior of the material while peeling it off the carrier.


    • Compliance with the FINAT FTM4 standard
    • Ability to define speed, acceleration

Environmental test chambers

Aging chamber with xenon lamps
Environmental chamber for aging tests equipped with xenon lamps


    • Sample area 45 x 72 cm
    • Lamp power 3 x 1800 W
    • Mapping the visible light spectrum
    • Adjustable temperature and air humidity
    • inside the chamber
    • Ability to spray on samples from two sides, with two types of liquid



    • The chamber allows for laboratory aging tests, to determine the resistance of components to light, temperature and moisture.
      i.e. to determine the resistance of components to light, temperature and


Binder MKF 240 Climate Chamber


    • Temperature range: -40°C to 180°C
    • Humidity range:10 to 98% of absolute humidity
    • Capacity 228 l
    • UVA light cassette for aging tests



    • The chamber is designed for testing materials and components under controlled humidity and temperature conditions It allows to irradiate samples with UVA radiation

Memmert UF450 Plus Laboratory Oven


    • Temperature range: from 10°C above ambient to 300°C
    • Capacity 449 l
    • Ability to force air circulation inside and exchange air with the environment



    • Among others, the device may be used for drying, annealing, temperature testing
PIec Memmert UF450 plus

Color analysis

xRite Ci62


    • 8mm measuring point
    • Measurement geometry d/8°



the xRite Ci62 is a portable sphere spectrometer. The device is ideal for obtaining accurate color data on reflective surfaces, on textured surfaces, and from prints on metal substrates.


xRite Exact Advanced


    • 1.5 mm measuring point
    • Measurement geometry 45°/0°



EXact Advanced meets the specific requirements of ink rooms, quality control labs and manufacturing partners who need to achieve the highest quality with the broadest set of tools. It includes advanced features for evaluating ink and paper before
as well as during printing.



Optical equipment

Keyence Vhx-600 Digital Microscope


    • Up to 200x magnification
    • A robotic table that allows you to make geometric measurements
    • in three dimensions
    • Choice of several different light sources
    • Ability to observe at angles up to 90°



A microscope that allows observation of materials and components under magnification. During operation, it is possible to take measurements, such as spot size, line thickness, material thickness, bulge size.


csm_G12_Mikroskop_VHX6000_6bf147a028 kopia

Keyence IM-7020 Measuring Projector


    • Measuring area 200 x 200 mm
    • Measurement accuracy up to ± 2 μm
    • Various illumination modes including including overhead illumination and pass-through illumination, which gives you the ability to measure both the geometry of the objects and the accuracy of the print



Optical geometry measurement device. It allows to take measurements that would be impossible using traditional measuring instruments, to define measurement programs, measure dozens of dimensions in a matter of seconds.



Planar P220.35 Measuring System


    • measuring area 1830 x 1220 mm
    • height of the measured element up to 350 mm
    • weight of the measured element up to 400 kg
    • accuracy of x- and y-axis measurements +/- 35/70 micrometers
    • z-axis measurement accuracy +/- 100 micrometers
    • o measurement time < < 0.25 s



Allows optical measurement of opaque parts with large dimensions and significant weight. The measured objects can be shaved, cut by laser, plasma, water jet, etc. The system has no moving parts, and so ensures repeatability and precision of measurements.



Other laboratory equipment

Hitachi EA1000AIII X-ray Spectrometer




A device for testing compliance for RoHS – that is, for the presence of hazardous substances in the material. Allows you to analyze solid, bulk, liquid samples and conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses


hitachi kopia

Universal testing machine

    • Two measurement heads: 100 N and 5 kN
    • Attachment for testing adhesive strength
    • while peeling off at 180°C (FTM1) and 90°C (FTM2)
    • and for testing the initiation force (“tack”) (FTM9)
    • Ability to tear, compress specimens with determination of forces and deformations




The device is used for testing the tensile strength of plastics. Equipped with a set of accessories for label testing.


Krüss MSA Goniometer



Portable instrument for measuring the surface free energy of materials. It allows measurements to be made in seconds, even on finished components or semi-finished products, without the need to cut samples.



Troika AniCAM 3D



A device for measuring the quality and wear condition of aniloxes, inspecting polymer plates. Capable of 3D analysis, measurements of height and angle, cell volume and depth, as well as linearity.