“Marco’s Organisational Culture is a set of ten principles and values that are a signpost towards the company’s further development. An organisation’s long-term goals can only be implemented by building upon stable pillars. These include a wide-ranging respect for people, a continuous process of improvement and awareness raising, and a unique approach to charity and community work.”


Attracting people who are able to pursue the company's vision and mission consciously and voluntarily, with passion and dedication.


Creating friendly relationships based on mutual respect and trust.


Communicating effectively with appropriate form and understandable content.


Affirmation, building sustainable internal motivation and overcoming one's limitations.


Understanding and accepting the ideas of interdependence, autonomy and discipline.


An honest and natural presentation of thoughts and views to develop solutions that are best for the Organization.


Mutual learning of independent thinking, analyzing, inferring and predicting.


Orientation on quality, efficiency and continuous improvement.


Proactivity in pursuit of excellence in management and co-determination.


Promoting and implementing the idea of long-term sustainable development.

A history of working with passion

We have been steadily strengthening our market position for more than 20 years by introducing complementary products for the global economy’s most innovative sectors. Each day, Marco’s competent and committed staff works with passion to meet the highest demands of our customers.

First-class leadership


For years, 100% of our staff have been oriented towards a process of continuous improvement and loss elimination. An integrated certified Management System combined with specific customer requirements allows us to maintain the highest level of product quality and stability.

Quality above all

A working environment based on mutual respect and trust drives our long-term individual development and breaks down further barriers. Consistency and perseverance in serving and supporting each other give us infinite possibilities and enormous added value.

Long-term sustainable development

At Marco, we are very environmentally conscious. We influence and inspire others, and will continue to do so with pride and satisfaction. We have established an effective hybrid business society structure that continuously increases its market value on the one hand, and responsibly influences the social environment on the other. We influence and inspire others, and will continue to do so with pride and satisfaction.

Important moments in our history