The candidate, who would like to join our team and together with us influence the development of the company and the surrounding reality should show the following characteristics:

        • Proactivity – initiate action and step out of line, report ideas to continuously improve and streamline the company
        • Self-improvement – continuous education, awareness-raising, increasing expertise and broadening horizons
        • An open mind – open and positive approach to new ways of thinking and doing things
        • Humility and modesty
        • Empathy and social sensitivity – provide those in need with help, share success
        • Honor and corporate responsibility – to take decisions, in each case, taking into account the best interests of the company, in order to build goodwill, which is the common welfare of all the employees

    The recruitment procedure in our company consists of the following steps:

        • Filling in the recruitment form and attaching your CV
        • Evaluation of the application documents
        • An initial phone conversation in Polish
        • Language pre-screening conducted in a selected foreign language, ie. approx. 15 minute conversation, during which we check your fluency in the foreign language
        • Presentation of the company along with a full guided tour of the company, followed by an interview

    Assuming the above mentioned steps will be completed positively:

        • Optionally: a few days trial period – a time when we will have an opportunity to get to know each other and observe whether the candidate’s character and long-term company’s mission are consistent with each other
        • An individual conversation with a representative of the company’s management

    If we are not currently recruiting or you do not see any current job opportunities corresponding to your position, and yet you think that you are the person who really matches the Marco profile, please send us your application.