Did you know that the cardboards in our company get a second life?

The cardboard recycling program we promote aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment by reusing used cardboards of our employees. Thanks to this approach, we avoid the need to process cardboards through recycling or disposal, which contributes to the reduction of natural resource consumption.

The operation process of the program includes several key steps:

Cardboard boxes collection:

  • Employees are encouraged to collect cardboards from courier deliveries,
    personal purchases, etc.
  • Cardboards should be in good condition, without
    damage that would prevent reuse.


Delivery to the company:

  • Employees bring the collected cardboards to the company during their commute to work,
    eliminating the additional negative impact of the transport process.
  • There are special areas within the company designated for storing collected cardboards.


Sorting, selection, and preparation:

  • Upon delivery, the cardboards are sorted and checked for suitability for reuse.
  • Cardboards that are not suitable for direct reuse are used as separators, fillers, etc.


Storage and reuse:

  • Collected cardboards are stored in the company’s warehouse.
  • Cardboards are then used for packaging and shipping our products to customers.

If you want to join the program or introduce a similar initiative in your organization, simply reuse cardboards and give them a new life.

We believe in this idea and will gladly provide you with educational materials, such as flyers for employees, promotional posters, or labels, to help promote the cardboard recycling program.

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